A high-heeled shoe with great temperament

For girls, jeans can highlight their exquisite curves to the fullest extent, with a pair of simple and fashionable high-heeled shoes underneath, it can be said to be full of temperament model ah. But the girl paper with wide feet is very distressed. How can she have wide feet if she wants to wear high heels? Actually, the girl with wide feet can also wear high heels beautifully. The key is to choose the right style. Here are some fine-heeled high heels shared. The girl with wide feet can also easily control them.

Since its birth, pointed high heel has been welcomed by women. Sexy pointed design, with two worn ribbon decoration, is very eye-catching, wearing wherever people go is the focus of attention, is a design sense and a combination of shoes.

High-heeled shoes with a button design, wearing more stable and comfortable, metal can very good enhance the appearance of shoes, so that you are not generally beautiful. A word of buckle open-toed sandals women summer new high heels exquisite elegance, let you become a shining street presence. However, with beautiful high-heeled shoes, it does not mean that every woman will be beautiful to wear.