4D high heels shoes emphasize function and design

New changes have taken place in high heels that make people love and hate. Recently, the Italian luxury women’s shoes brand MUX launched the latest technology of 4D foot customization service, through the latest generation of global technology precision measurement customizer foot characteristics, walking habits, through digital manufacturing for customizers to create their own “natural pair”.

It is understood that MUX’s professional instrument can scan both feet at 360 degrees, and the customizer’s exclusive 3D foot model and diagnostic report can cover 41 precise data, so that you can have your own foot’s passwords, and these passwords will be paired with powerful background digital manufacturing: different foot shapes and different numbers have 27945 different data, according to this data will be summarized into 60 sets of mold shoes. For one person to choose, at the same time, each code has five different girths and two groups of different lengths, each code has fifteen sets of shoes to try on.

Finally, these top-level customizations will reach the customizer in 7 to 15 working days.