High heels show the intellectuality of Oriental women

The thrilling red is full of mellow fragrance like a cup of old red wine, with sexy and publicity around the feet, each step can set off a gorgeous scenery; the two-layer folded lace diagonally across the upper is three-dimensional and delicate, as if the bright flowers were put on the feet, pointed and thin heels together will support the perception and sexuality of Oriental women.

If you want to highlight the dazzling high-heeled shoes, it is most appropriate to wear a black lotus-leaf dress. The right length of the dress shows a wonderful body curve. The lotus-leaf edge of the sleeve reveals a charming and moving atmosphere. Then wearing these red shoes, the eye-catching color will surely become the highlight of the whole body. Whether you’re at work or on a date, you can show off your fashionable and elegant temperament.

The delicate small pointed design makes the lines of the instep look soft, highlighting the sexy radian of the instep to set off the elegant temperament of women. Do not like wearing high-heeled paper will like this, 4 centimeters of small thick heel design can support body weight, walking comfortable and not tired feet can enjoy excellent wearing experience! Such elegant and sweet small single shoes can be matched with a printed dress. Printing design is elegant and elegant. On the back of a fashionable small bag, a super-immortal and super-beautiful matching is completed!