How to Wear High-heeled Shoes Beautifully without Feet Pain

For women, lipstick and high heels are the cure for everything. However, wearing high-heeled shoes means that heel pain equals to foot pain all day. What’s worse, the pain caused by high-heeled shoes will directly affect the walking posture, immediately destroying the original purpose of high-heeled shoes to make the posture full of femininity. How to wear high-heeled shoes without foot pain? Learn the 10 practical tips for wearing shoes!

For girls who are not accustomed to wearing high heels, it is better to start with the style of 3-5 cm, which is the most comfortable heel height. For more than a dozen centimeters of hatred, if it is not necessary for work or occasions, usually wear as far as possible to avoid it. You have to adapt your body to the challenge of higher shoes, or you’ll easily hurt your feet, let alone the pain of your feet.

If you can’t give up high heels, the compromise is to choose platform design, thicker heels at the toe and sole, reduce the tilt before and after the foot, office women wear high heels with thick heels, so that the weight of the feet can be avoided concentration, and the burden can be dispersed to reduce pain.

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